64-bit on mobile devices

It's been interesting to read all of the negative commentary regarding Apple's recent move to support 64-bit in iOS. While it could be argued that this move is possibly a bit premature, the battle of 32-bit vs. 64-bit has already happened in the PC world and the results are in: 64-bit won. Since I see mobile as just the logical evolution of personal computing, there's no reason to expect that it will play out any differently here.

I was working on a rather lengthy post explaining why this is a no-brainer and why Google, if it's not already working on getting 64-bit support in Android and shipping 64-bit devices, should get on it ASAP. However, Google has a bunch of smart people working for them and they are quite capable of referring to history, seeing the long term trend, see that this was going to happen, and that it is now happening... all without a lengthy monologue from me. I suspect that this will be another instance where Android is playing catch up. If it is, I hope it does so quickly and it would sure be nice if they'd just get on with getting it done without repeating the mistakes of the past in the form of dismissive and/or defensive public statements this time around.

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