Reporting Android issues that are device specific

Just ran across an issue related to DHCP leases being renewed frequently while researching another issue. Having had the same problem with my tablet, I'm giving it a shot. More importantly, it brings to mind a bigger question I've been wondering about recently.

Are developers supposed to use the Android issue tracking system to report device-specific issues? What if it's not possible to directly identify the type of device having an issue? For example, one of my apps recently had a crash report that appears to be specific to a device from a single manufacturer (not identified in the crash report captured by Google) in that it appeared to require an additional permission that no other devices I've seen need to perform a particular function. The workaround was simple: add the missing permission. But solutions like that end up sweeping a lot of issues under the rug that start to pile up over time. What's the appropriate way to raise an issue like that? Should a developer report the problem to Google since they seem to 'own' compatibility testing or should it go to the manufacturer of the device (assuming it's even known)?

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